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Triceps Kickback with Power Plate


Strong and Flex are showing the Triceps Kickback with Power Plate.

Muscles effected: thigh, calves, bottom, lower back, upper back, shoulder, triceps.


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How to learn the split extended version


Flex shows you in detail how to learn the men split. If you want to learn how to do the splits StrongandFlex TV will help you doing that with more flexibility videos --- watch out! Please also take a look at our website:


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Sixpack exercise – Workout


Strong, from StrongandFlexTV, is showing you the perfect sixpack exercise for your abs ( abdominals ) on the mat. It's a “must know” for erveryone who wants to have a six pack. Strong is showing the exercise with different levels of difficulty. That's why the exercise is absolutely suitable for everyone ---- from beginners to professionals. StrongandFlex TV will upload a lot more exercises for your stomach muscles. So watch out  for more videos!


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